Audiologists are University Graduates who have intensive specialised training at a Post Graduate level in the non-medical management of the ear, hearing and associated disorders. Their main roles include:

  • Detailed assessment of hearing and the auditory system
  • Liaise with other professionals and agencies as required
  • Provide counseling in hearing and communication
  • Provide, fit and evaluate hearing aids and Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's)
  • Design and implement auditory rehabilitation programmes as required to improve communication

Macarthur Audiology and Hearing Services employ 2 Audiologists. The original and Principal Audiologist, Graeme Peterson, has had extensive experience since graduating in 1984. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings including the National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL), the Hospital system, local area health, as well as a previous private practice.

The other Audiologist, Vinnie Menon, graduated in 1988. Since migrating to Australia, she has worked exclusively for Australian Hearing for 17 years. She has had extensive experience, most notably with both Paediatric and complex adult caseloads.

Both of Macarthur Audiology and Hearing Service's Audiologists are long-term Full Members of the Audiology Society of Australia and have been awarded the society's Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP), which is maintained by their participation in a vigorous continuing education program.

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