Hearing Aids

A hearing aid essentially collects sounds from the environment and makes them louder. Most hearing aids include these main components:

  • Microphones(s) - converts acoustic signals (sound waves) into electrical signals
  • Amplifier - increases the volume of the signal
  • Microprocessor - adjusts/shapes the amplified signals to compensate for a particular hearing loss
  • Earphone (Speaker) - converts the processed signal back into acoustic signals (sound waves) directed into the Ear Canal.

The 2 main types of hearing aids are either In-The-Ear or Behind-The-Ear.



Standard Behind-The-Ear


The Audiologists at Macarthur Audiology and Hearing Services can determine whether a hearing aid(s) or other Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) may be required and appropriate. A decision in consultation with each patient can usually be tailored to suit individual hearing losses, tastes and budgets. All hearing aid fittings include a 2-3 months no obligatory trial period. This usually provides ample time for follow-up appointments, which include hearing aid assessments and auditory rehabilitation.

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